How much does it cost to mail a padded envelope

Other rates up to 13 OZ can be found at the link below. Mercy Fran, Hate is an awful 'strong' word there, isn't it? I'm glad you played devils advocate and asked, sweetie. The charge for 1 OZ is for weight up to and including 1 OZ. Sue, sorry about the strong word. Must be getting paranoid these days with the politics going on.

Lots of people seem to be "hating me" these days cause they can't get me to support their candidate. I must have hate on the brain, the foggy old brain that has to look at some snow flakes tomorrow mixed in with the rain.

Thanks for being glad I played devil's advocate. I'm told by my kids, I love to play that role all the time, they don't mind as long as I don't do it with them. They keep telling me they are all grown up. I tell the oldest, he has to suffer it cause he's now a little over 30 and from where I come from it's "don't trust anyone over 30", the younger one is only 25, she's still safe to trust. Love ya Sue, and think you being the resident busy body is one of the best things this forum could ever have.

POLL: Your biggest clutter headache? Flash and Batt insulation POLL: Have you gone paperless? Declutter Challenge - January LOL now i just wish all the postal workers got it!! LOL Hee Hee!! Heee Heeee tomarow is hubs and mine's 20th anniv of the first time we met!! LOL sorry about the ot!! I argued long and hard yesterday at my local PO--the woman at the counter insisted all my small bubble envelopes were parcels.

I tried to explain, but it was close to closing time and I was several days late in sending out my end of several trades, so I overpaid once again. Out of all the numerous bubble envies that I have received from trades this summer, there were four that did not have the stamps cancelled - three 6x9 with 4 stamps each and one smaller 4x6?

As a test, I took one of the larger ones with 4 stamps to the PO, asked the worker to check it and she said it was fine, and off it went. It was received with no problem on the other end.

A little bit of compensation for all the overcharging? Is this wrong? Yes, I seem to keep getting overcharged too.Please allow business days for in-stock items to be shipped. Order free Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelopes - lined with bubble padding for extra protection, it is a great flat rate shipping.

It is lined with bubble padding to provide a little extra protection to the package contents. This padded envelope is a great choice for shipping at the flat rate price.

Please Note: This product ships in packs of 10 and packs of 15 envelopes. An order of 1 equals 10 or 15 envelopes depending on your selection under Format.

For more information, please visit the Priority Mail Page. Please allow 5 - 7 business days for in-stock items to be shipped. To view your order status and tracking information, sign in to your USPS.

Orders from the Postal Store may be shipped from different distribution centers. If your order contains multiple items, they may be shipped separately. Learn More. For your convenience all orders will contain a carrier release endorsement "Leave if No Response".

This will allow your postal carrier to leave your expedited packaging supply order if you are not available to receive the delivery. If your local Post Office is unable to fulfill your order of Flat Rate Expedited Shipping Supplies within 1 - 2 business days, your order will be fulfilled by our distribution center within 2 - 8 business days.

The file or page you requested could not be found. The link you followed may be expired or broken. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links. Sign In. Search USPS. Postal Store. Search Postal Store. Shipping Supplies. Choose a Quantity Please choose a quantity. Total Price:. Save for Later.Rigid object inside? Metal clasp? Too skinny?

how much does it cost to mail a padded envelope

Hide it! You're illegal. Go home and start over. Size 10 is normal 4. You're a corporation using metered mail? Not a corporation, tired? Too bad. Congress gave away its power of oversight and let the Postal Service change rates by itself, every 5 minutes, it seems. Harder to use, lower volume of users, less revenue. Dear USPS, if customers go away, revenue goes away. People who come to you and stand in line should get the lowest rates, not Pitney Bowes corporations who sell postage meters.

Dear USPS, the lowest rates should be at your post office counters and on your website for non-automated, prove-you-are-human, real individuals coming to mail real stuff by themselves, not for eBay's China floodnot for Pitney Bowes annual revenues. The United States Postal Service is being run by people happy to destroy it, happy to get all the trucks, all the prime real estate locations in all the towns and cities, happy to get all the business, all the money for their corporations, the corporations they control.

The United States Postal Service is run at the top by people happy to kill it and get the business. Shut it down, it only loses money, give it to me, I'm smart, that's what they say. My webpage isn't fun anymore, I have learned too much, I see the pattern, I see the silent hand holding the dagger, all the stab wounds until the patient is almost dead.

Postal service turns out to be a constitutional right, it's actually in our constitution as a service The People of the new country were supposed to have.Check delivery time estimates on the Priority Mail Delivery Map. Priority Mail Express overnight service is unaffected. There are specific regulations and standards for mailing restricted, prohibited, and hazardous materials, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

how much does it cost to mail a padded envelope

We help businesses provide these services and resources to their customers at discounted rates. With more than one size to choose from, the boxes combine the speed and convenience of Flat Rate shipping with regional, distance-based pricing to reduce costs. Please note Regional Rate Box C was discontinued. Regional Rate Boxes A and B are best used for small, dense packages being sent short distances. In most cases, the expected delivery date printed on your receipt or provided at checkout will reflect a delivery time of 1, 2, or 3 business days and is based on origin, destination, and drop-off time.

The expected delivery data does not come with a money-back guarantee. For mailable items up to 70 lbs. For details on free Package Pickup, visit Schedule a Pickup. Available only for certain products and to certain destinations. Restrictions and exclusions apply.

Insurance does not cover certain items. For details, visit When additional insurance is purchased, it replaces the included insurance. If Saturday is a national holiday, Priority Mail Express service may be available for an added fee.

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Boxes and envelopes are delivered with your regular mail usually within 7 to 10 business days. Skip to Main Content. English Use arrow key to access related widget. Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links. Sign In. Search USPS. When sealing a Flat Rate Envelope or Box, the container flaps must be able to close within the normal folds.

How to Prepare a Package. Additional Information Expand All. Prices are commercial rates based on weight and zone to quickly move your mailings at a reasonable cost. Mailings include a special barcoded label, so you can easily track your shipments.Different postage prices apply to postcardsletterslarge envelopes flatsand parcels.

In general, the bigger your mailpiece, the more it will cost to mail. In First-Class Mail, postcards cost less than letters. Letter size mail costs less than flat-size mail.

Parcels pay the highest price due to the cost of processing and delivery. Letters cost less than large envelopes flats. Can you get a better price by re-shaping your mailpiece? You could fold your large envelope to be letter-sized, or you could redesign your parcel to qualify for the lower flat price.

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Mailing costs for Bubble Envelopes (BE)

Toggle navigation Postal Explorer. Skip side navigation. Toggle navigation Business Mail How Shape and Size Affect Prices Different postage prices apply to postcardsletterslarge envelopes flatsand parcels. Tabbing and wafer seals for folded self-mailers How weight affects prices How distance affects prices How quantity affects prices Mail entry Point: Destination entry prices Calculate postage for any class of commercial mail or price Price List - Notice Shipping Supplies Envelopes Free Shipping Supplies Military Shipping Supplies Priority Mail International Shipping 9.

Flat Rate 9. Priority Mail Express 6. Prepaid Priority Mail 4. Premium Shipping Supplies 3. Forms and Labels 1. Filter based on available mail services e. Flat Rate Priority Mail 6. International 4. Priority Mail Express 2.

DIY Bubble Envelope

Priority Mail Express 5. International 3. Single 7. Holiday The file or page you requested could not be found. The link you followed may be expired or broken.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. The Popover plugin is similar to tooltips; it is a pop-up box that appears when the user clicks on an element. The difference is that the popover can contain much more content. Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links. Sign In. Search USPS. Postal Store. Search Postal Store.Share best practices, tips, and insights.

Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I am planning on listing jewelry and baseball cards. I would rather mail something so small and light with padded envelopes rather than a box. How would I select to mail a padded envelope instead of a standard envelope or package? Go to Solution. Just call it a package and enter "1" as the thickness.

Weight is measured in full ounces, and any fraction would round up e. Postage cost is the same for any weight up to 4 ounces. View solution in original post.

Any of those make your envelope a package. I believe the max size for small packages is Pretty sure that is what I wrote. I agree; I've seen lots of comments where buyers were unhappy about receiving jewelry in envelopes. The tiny boxes add hardly any weight at all a few ounces or so. And customers often leave glowing feedback for such packaging. I have shipped 3, postcards in the past 4 years. I have yet to have a buyer complain a card was bent in mailing. In fact, I get lots of positive feedback for my packing.

I ship via bubble mailer.

how much does it cost to mail a padded envelope

I get them free with my store. Before the store, I was paying 13 cents apiece for them with free shipping. I use the 'cd size'.

how much does it cost to mail a padded envelope

I ship first class parcel tracking is free. Even up to 3 cards inside one set of inserts ships for the 4 oz rate.

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